Gifs and Social Media Kiosk

Our Gif option gives you the opportunity after every session to animate the photos and send them to your email. Gifs adds an extra bit of fun to your DeeLorri Photobooths EXPERIENCE.

DeeLorri Photobooths Social Media Kiosk enhances your events experience by allowing your guest to send their images to their Facebook account, Twitter account or email. So your DeeLorri Photo Booth experience doesn’t stop at photo prints but now they can be shared on social media and thru email.


DeeLorri Social Media Kiosk


Custom Print Strips

Custom back drops

Props and Custom Designs

One thing DeeLorri Photobooths is known for besides our high quality photos and prints, are our props. Yes, we have stick props and Yes, we match our props to your theme. But we love real hats, boas, awards, sunglasses and all the physical props we can get our hands on. So we can leave that memorable, hilarious exclamation point on your EXPERIENCE!

Customized events photo strip and/or backdrop to match your theme. Check! Our professional designers can cook up something very special for your wedding, birthday party or corporate event. From print strips to back drops to photo booth wrap to brand your company. DeeLorri Photobooths can bring your imagination to life.